Sketchbook Stuff

So I finally found out how to use the scanner downstairs. It's actually really nice and makes scanning lots of pages a breeze. SO I scanned a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to scan and now here they are: (some of them)

New Inkoodles:

and more nonsense:

OK, so let me know what you think. I'm starting work on a huge project right now and finishing up some small things. So stay tuned.


Alex Berki said...

Damn drew im likin them drawrings your hittin your style i can seeeeees it !!!!! DONT STOP

Skullsalad said...

J'ADORE les 3 derniers.
qu'ils sont tres émotifs
Ils ne ressemblent pas 'sketches'
Je prefere le schema beaucoup ou l'homme crie!
C'est vrai!

Anonymous said...

The girl with the blue hair looks like she has a chicken nestling up lovingly underneath her chin! I love it!!!