I went figure drawing the other night. I'm pretty rusty, but hopefully I'll be able to go more often from now on. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Take it easy, people.



Still no scanner but I'm working. This is what happened when I was playing around in Photoshop. If nothing else it gave me some ideas for using paint and stuff. Anyway, let me know what you think. It was nice to work kinda like I'm painting again since all my stuff lately has been boring old drawings.


I have no scanner at the moment but I feel like I should share some new stuff in case anyone still looks at this thing. I have a bunch. I'm working on two comics and have a pretty good idea for another that I can start pretty much right away. So, keep coming back. There will be more soon. And feel free to drop me a line, and let me know what's up.


Every time I close the book they start making-out.

Blog Overhaul

Hey, I'm reworking my blog. Please enjoy this extra-special limited-time-only inbetweeny look to my blog. It won't last long.

I've oodles of new things to show off. Working on a couple different personal projects and I have a bunch of drawings. But you can't see them yet. So just deal, okay?