New Paintings

New Paintings. Some Landscapes from the past couple weeks. I am still not painting enough but soon I should be done with this guitar and that will at least give me less excuses to not go out and paint. I have been drawing too but I don't have the motivation to put any of it up, but once I get back to school and some proper scanners I think a lot of this back logged stuff should start appearing. Anyway. If anyone is actually reading this hope your summer is going well.

Summer Dump Part 3: More Old Paintings

So these are from a series of twelve paintings I did for Cooper's sophomore painting class. I confess that I put doing it off way too long and ended up doing the whole twelve painting series in one 48 hour stretch, about 36 of those hours were actual painting time. I think they turned out well though (some of them) and having to rush really loosened me up and some nice things happened. Anyway, enjoy and please let me know what you think. I am always looking for feedback.

Well that's it for now. I'm painting tomorrow (figure) and have just promised myself that I'm going to make up for my summer laziness by painting everyday from now till when school starts (and everyday there after) so I should have more to post soon. But since it took me a few months to get most of this stuff up I can't make any promises.

Summer Dump Part 2: Figure Paintings

Here are some older paintings that I did towards the end of last semester.

Here's a newer one I did last week at a figure painting session in Chicago.

Summer Dump Part 1: Sketches

So I've been able to get a little bit of figure drawing
in this summer. Not nearly enough to be satisfied but enough
to keep me from getting all rusty and bad. Anyway, I've did
some pencil stuff which I haven't done almost ever with figure
drawing, so that was fun. Any why I've been trying to work on
line and stuff and I think maybe I'm making progress, all those
crayon drawing have paid off I think. Hope you like 'em.