This is super old.


Hello Sunshine

I'm back from an exactly one month unplanned hiatus. In that time I began and have now nearly finished (needs color) a 21 page story for a super-duper cool book that may be available sometime this summer and that I will let you know more about later and I moved, so now I live again in Illinois on the western edge of the greater Chicagoland area where there are cornfields. I also took some time and scanned sketchbook pages after I realized I haven't been scanning them, and haven't been a good internet socialite, and that I'm sitting on hundreds of pages that you, dear reader, didn't even know existed. So, get ready for that. For now though, just a bit of the old preview-shots-of-work-with-a-camera-from-close-up to get started. I'll post some sketchbook stuff later today or tomorrow. There is a bit to go through still.