Part 3: Doodles

These pages are a lot of nonsense. A little more of the comic stuff that I'm still trying to get out of my system. All the Batman stuff is getting on my nerves I think. I think because I'm thinking about comics so much lately I've been drawing more comic-ish stuff and since Batman is the only comic booky like thing that I can even imagine being interested in it almost always just comes out batman. When I start doing action pinups I'll get really worried...

Come Back soon. I still have a few more posts to exhaust my back log.

I am back, man

Gigantic, A big big post

A post so big we can't give it all to you at once for fear of rupture, or possible tearing of the internet. So until next time just the tip of the iceberg.

Was that good for everyone?

Ha ha, Blogging

Hello, I've been an absentee blogger, but I've returned to reclaim my latchkey blog with a brand new hot off the press comic which many of you may have already seen in person. Enjoy yourselves. It's summer-time.