Happy Thanksgiving: Part two

Couple drawings of a president and a little bit of a new illustration thingy to keep you coming back:

Keep cool, y'all.

Sketches- Part Une

Hello, there. It's been a bit. Bunch a new stuff to share. Stay tuned.


More Experiments

More Experiments for my up-coming comic:

Hope you're all well.


Some stuff from my recent warm-up drawings:

Peter Sellers:

Lara Flynn Boyle (Twin Peaks):

Jack Lemon:

David Bowie:

Sean Connery:

Not sure:


An Update

An uPdatE

Félix Savón




Quick Update

I feel pretty guilty for straight aping Rich Kelly, but I've been digging his work so much lately that I guess I couldn't resist:

So, just that little doodle of the always important Cornell West. Hope ya'll like it, or if you don't you tell me why it sucks.

I finished, tonight, taking my reference for the comic I'm working on (finally). So, that's the big hurdle that always trips me up. Now I get to do the fun part and I'll be cranking out drawings and pages over the next few weeks. I want to be done soon. I'm not sure I like typing these things and it may be that after this post this will be a pictures only blog. I'm sure everybody who looks here will appreciate that. So, till later.

Btw, check out Rich Kelly. He's got bad-ass art.