Land Pictures

Some Landscapes one from last month and one from yesterday.

Crits or opinions would be more than appreciated.

This one looks a little more accurate as far as value and contrast go...

Update, a little late...

I tend to procrastinate.

Some Flagg Originals


So I've been going to the "Palette and Chisel Artists Academy" in Chicago to get some figure drawing done and I was looking at some of the things they have hanging on the walls. A lot of cool stuff. Particularly the Flagg originals they have hanging in one of the halls. Thought someone might get a kick out of seeing them. They're pretty cool.

Sorry about the glare on these I did my best to keep it to a minimum.

And some other drawing I thought was real cool. I don't who the artist is though.

Anyway. I was supposed to update today and technically this is an update. So I guess I didn't lie but I will be back in the next day or so to post some new stuff from my sketchbook and some new figure drawings.

If you get a chance pop over to Chicken Scratch and check it out. I just posted my gladiator entry and there is some other cool stuff there as well.