One more

Just one more quick sketchbook experiment. I did the original sketch and then xeroxed it, ripped it up, and put it back together, but it didn't come through in the final painting as much as I hoped. Regardless, enjoy.



Sketchbook Stuff

So I finally found out how to use the scanner downstairs. It's actually really nice and makes scanning lots of pages a breeze. SO I scanned a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to scan and now here they are: (some of them)

New Inkoodles:

and more nonsense:

OK, so let me know what you think. I'm starting work on a huge project right now and finishing up some small things. So stay tuned.



Hey, new drawing in progress. Thought I would throw it up before I add color.

New Painting

Hey. Here is a new parallelogram shaped painting sort of kind of about rain. Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

P.S. My apologies but the internet doesn't yet support ill-shapen paintings so I tried to make the borders as unoffensive as possible.

Old Thing

Hey, I thought I'd throw this up since I haven't yet. It's from last semester. A little comic based on a short short story I wrote. enjoy. more new paintings coming soon.