New Painting

Hey. Here is a new parallelogram shaped painting sort of kind of about rain. Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

P.S. My apologies but the internet doesn't yet support ill-shapen paintings so I tried to make the borders as unoffensive as possible.


Joseph said...

I like it...

Tyler Schatz said...

hey man theres some great painting going on here, and i think its really close from being a solid piece!!

the only thing thats really bugging me are the values in the sky. right now, im stuck in that crazy magenta/hot pink area...the reds surrounding the girl could be a nice second read for focus, but i duno... i like the idea you have with the designed raindrops trailing down, but i think if you really went back in and nailed down a focal point this piece could be tremendous, once again i made a little photoshop cut to show you what i mean about the values

i like to desaturate everything on the computer every once in awhile to see if everything still holds up, and the blurred image on the right i picked up from george - its supposed to be what you'd see if you squint - only without the squinting. its a good little self crit exercise though.

so maybe you can see what i see about the values now.

solutions, maybe you could change the sky into a less grabbing color and just add a couple strokes of a lighter valued color on the girl to key her up (A)? or maybe just doing a light glaze over the whole thing, minus the parts you want to remain the focus as the darkest darks(B)?

thats what i think man, i could be wrong about all of this but hey, its something!

but again, nicely painted stuff sir!

lame to hear theyre breaking you down man, try making the best of it i guess. have you, or are you even going to get a chance to go to paris and scope out the louvre ?

keep trucking!!

Tyler Schatz said...

forgot to add the value image!

bobbi said...

For what's it's worth, I like the sky. Reminds me of the awesome sunsets we get at home. And, by the way, I think this qualifies as modern art.