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Tyler Schatz said...

nice design here man, i like a lot of the marks being made too!

ive got some crits for you though, im not sure if youre getting any real crits over there in yancy fancy prancy france besides 'how it makes you feel deep down inside' or not, but alas, here i go.

i think in some parts you could be more selective about using the black, for example, the design (very nice by the way) of the sky is being far to competitive with the silhouette of the man (unless you wanted the two to merge, but it doesnt seem like it), i think if you went over the black in the sky with some acrylic or gouache it could be a real nice touch. i did a little paint over in photoshop to show you what i mean for the sake of time and less typing my my part

i also added a deep wash over the trees and his clothing to make his arms and face pop out some more