So I just finished organizing these pieces and taking pictures of them in a real life studio and put them all on cds and sent them out to various institutions of higher art learning and am now waiting for their decisions about my future. I would like to get some peoples opinions of it in general though so I thought I would put it up here as it would be easier than sending it to all those people individually. If you are not one of those people and see it and want to say something I would appreciated it I'm sure.

So they are all pretty straight forward, all from life except the transformation were only the two ends are from life, and it is also the weakest if you as me, besides maybe all the unfinished life drawings. It was color though and I am sorely lacking in finished color pieces so I threw it in there anyway.


Alright, as promised here are more of these sketches.

This is all just some random stuff out of my general sketchbook.

First Post!!!

So this is the first post of my thingy. Hopefully I am gonna update a lot and it will motivate me to do stuff on a regular basis. Like write and draw comics and maybe I'll do some series stuff. That might be fun. For now see these arts and tell me things about them.

Some people who I tell about this and see it may have seen some of these, no worries I am putting up others too! I have my whole moleskin on facebook so if you wanna see the other stuff i did in it with pencils and one pen page then tell me and we can be friends on facebook for you to see it. I'm writing like a weird person, but it's late so tell me if it's annoying or funny and I'll stop.



alright I have to re-arrange some stuff, more sketches coming soon.

Plus you got to click on them to see the whole thing, I don't know why but thats alright with me. Hopefully your browser will resize them automatically to fit cause they pretty big.