Book September 2012

So, I went a step further than I thought I would and had a bit of a book printed up. These are pictures. I only have a couple of them now, but I plan on printing more, as well as printing each story in it's own booklet. Right now it's "Deus Absconditus" and "Remote Viewing". 8 and 9 pages respectively and I think they're good enough. I was going to post "Remote Viewing" in it's entirety, but now that I have books, I'd rather just send you one. Hit me up: and we'll work it out. The books I have now, have individually decorated elements (title page, chapter breaks, page numbers) because I was in a rush to get out of town and didn't have time to make them. The next batch will not have these individualized touches but they will still be cool. I literally have only... 2 of these left, so... Well I have no idea you might not need to hurry. We'll see. If you want one let me know and I'll make sure it happens. Take Care. Enjoy the pictures:


Flower Painting

Acrylic on Paper

new comic coming

finishing it up now: