Continue with the Rest

The semester is winding down and I haven't finished putting up the last few things a scanned. So here are a few more. With a few left to come.

There's a one on Doodles and More Shit, so check that out with all the other cool stuff people have put up.


More to Come

Lots of Things Coming

Hey, so I finally scanned a bunch of stuff I've been sitting on for a while. I'll be putting it up here and there for the next week and a half. So this is the first of it. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Going to France; More Photos, Paintings Coming Soon

Hey, I have to digitize my portfolio for sending out to Pont Aven so I will honestly have to have new paintings up by next week. Until then I am gonna die working on all the end of semester stuff I am way behind on, oh and enjoy some more scenic photos.

Later, yall.


Hey I thought since I can't put up any of my recent paintings right away I'd pull a few photos from my collection and let people see them (that of course assumes anyone besides myself ever sees this blog). So I hope you like them and find them pretty. I'm not a great photographer or anything but... here they are:

Alright anyway. I have some more I may put up. If you like them, or if you don't, please say something so that I know whether or not anyone actually reads this blog, and if they like photos at all. Later.

Older Painting

Oh yeah, and a painting.

La Musica

This is the poster I did for the La Musica poster competition. Let me know what you think.

This is an old ink drawing I forgot to throw up. I have a bunch of paintings that I'm going to try and get scanned or take photos of them and put them up soon. I've been saying that for a while but the end of the semester is almost here so I will have to do it soon.

New Stuff

These are just some new things from my sketchbook. Please let me know what you think.


Quick update. Just a little something inspired by all the great talent over at Doodles and Shit. Nothing special but since it is the last page of my latest sketchbook I'll throw it up. Enjoy.

New Paintings

New Paintings. Some Landscapes from the past couple weeks. I am still not painting enough but soon I should be done with this guitar and that will at least give me less excuses to not go out and paint. I have been drawing too but I don't have the motivation to put any of it up, but once I get back to school and some proper scanners I think a lot of this back logged stuff should start appearing. Anyway. If anyone is actually reading this hope your summer is going well.