Story for Megacon

Hey, this is the story I'm thinking about using for the Megacon Comic. Let me know what you think.

"You see, my poor stupid children are all in shambles for this meeting", her voice elongated the ends of her sentences so that they trailed off into a low droning kind of sound. "The twins, as you see, are just dreadful for any type of conversation and my eldest son, Robert, just in from his gallivanting about town, is barely presentable." She was holding her hand up in the air to communicate her lazy bewilderment and froze that way for a moment. Then, as if suddenly realizing he was sitting a few feet away turned and addressed her eldest for the first time since his entering the room.
"Robert, you're wearing that dreadful sweater again. Those savage stripes. You know, Robert, there is a reason we took their land away. The filthy things." She smiled reassuringly at the room. Robert sat very still and stared at his plate. His face darkened with every word.
"My son Robert, you know, is a... well it just wouldn't do to say. He's an embarrassment to the family." She looked back at Robert maniacally compared to her prior languid demeanor.
"Is that what you wear when you go out trolling for men, Robert? Trying to muck up some low life degenerate in Arizona's road places. Is that what you do, Robert, when you go out?" She stopped and looked back at the guests. Everything was silent. She took a moment to puzzle over them. The twins, a boy and a girl, whispered into each others ears and the girl prodded the visitor sitting next to him and it prodded back playfully, each party trying to keep the secret thumb war safely out of sight. She considered them; their bodies made of glowing, whirling particles and their spindly arms with spindly fingers touching everything; touching her china.
"I'm not sure why Benny, the President, asked me to host you tonight." She began again. "Me and Debra, the first lady, are old friends you know, since primary school, and we aren't unaccustomed to hosting..." she paused momentarily, waiting for the word to come to her,"...important guests, diplomats and their wives and such." She reached for her wine glass.
"Where are you from exactly?"
One of the things began to glow brightly and it's body filled with swirling reds and yellows. Everybody stared for a moment. She exaggeratedly swallowed a tiny sip of wine.
"Well! That's very interesting." She said and looked down at her hands in her lap. The corners of her mouth began to scrunch and wobble ever so slightly and a tear formed and rolled down her cheek.
The boy tried to sneak an au-gratin potato from Robert's fine china plate.
"Don't touch my food you stupid lard!!!" Robert shrieked and tried to grab him but the boy rolled under his arms and got away. The girl sent a spoonful of cheesy potatoes flying across the table and the guests on the other side returned fire with a hail of asparagus javelins. The guests glowed with jovial, dancing lights and began flying around the room as the children chased them with handfuls fresh garden salad, which fell like confetti as they hurled it in the air. Everyone was shouting and maids rushed in to catch the children. Their mother sat staring at her hands.
The doorbell rang and one of the calmer guests, seeing that no one had gotten up to answer the door, went to see who rang the bell. He wandered smoothly down a long hall to the foyer and opened the door. Outside an Arizona Patrolman stood a few feet back from the stoop. His eyes lit up when he saw the strange thing in the doorway.
"Hi there, muchacho." He smiled," You don look like yer from around here." The Sheriff reached for his belt and pulled out his night-stick.
"Now, I'm gonna need to see yer papers, please"


I also have some other stuff to post, art stuffs. So that will go up soon.


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