Another Story

Meanwhile, in Dublin...
Somewhere an old smoky piano jingle jangles out a bright melody that dims helplessly among damp wooden beams of a cellar pub devastated by the growling darkness that inhabits it. In a dark corner enclave we join our heros huddled close together over a tiny booth table. The burly men stare across the shadows at each other through beady eyes under black fedora caps. The man on the right slides a manilla envelope across the table to the other who hastily draws a pair of glasses from his coat and rests them on his nose. He looks at the envelope. Marked on it's face is a bright red stamp reading "Super-Duper Classified". The man looks back at his companion.
"The latest intelligence we have" he says. "The President is hoping to bury some of the criticism about civilian deaths." Glasses nods and opens the envelope. He pulls out a thin sheet of paper.
"What is this?" He gestures to the paper. It is covered in crude drawings.
"We found it in Al Bara's day planner stuffed under his sofa. it's obviously plans for an attack on American airbases in Yemen."
"I see."
"We think he has been in contact with his brother, there. We've been monitoring his calls, they talked twice last month. Mostly about a wedding, but it could be code. They mentioned airplanes."
"They're working together?"
"What do you need me to do? Am I going to Yemen?"
"No, we've got that under control. His nephew is getting married tomorrow. We have drones armed already. The President wants to try out some new missiles with the latest in facial recognition software. We've updated our eyebrow technology to take into account different lighting situations."
"Our theoretic accuracy is unprecedented, but we're also loading more ordinance in case we miss."
"Of course." Glasses nods.
"We'll hit Bara's brother at the wedding party. Don't worry about that. What we need you to do is plant a story in the London Times. Show the reporter this," he points at the paper," but don't let them publish it."
"Of course. We'll make sure the AP in the US picks it up. The New York Times has already agreed to run the story on Al Bara'."
"Yes Sir."
"Say something about the new weapons, more accurate than ever. How they cut down the collateral damage."
"Yes sir"
"You're our best field agent out here. We're counting on you."
They touch hands.

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Charles Valsechi III said...

Nice story Drew. Has a lot of depth. Keep it coming!