More Pictures

Hey, these are more pics from Pont-Aven I took on my way to school one day. I have a ton more, including and bunch from the beach which are awesome.

Tyler, I am working on art. But pictures are easier to show. When they say they have flatbed scanners they mean one 8x11 scanner. I'm going out drawing and paintings today after some plaster casting this morning. So maybe'll I'll put some of that up. But otherwise lots more (beaucoup) photos des plage. c'est trés cool. Bonjournée peoples.

Oh, plus I'm learning a lot of french but I don't speak it well yet. Soon though.


Tyler Schatz said...

These are killer man, you seem to be in a really great environment - the photography is looking very illustrative in itself - some great composing going on, you're a natural!

I look forward to seeing what you produce though sir

bonne chance!


Alex Shear Illustration said...

Liking the pictures,
Can't wait to see the work. Looks like there are a bunch of awesome places to landscape..
But remember to change everything with "French" in it to "Freedom", it is your patriotic duty.
Good luck!!